The Legacy of the Hotcards Burn

Culture 10.18.2018
The Legacy of the Hotcards Burn

  This week marks 5 years since we broke a Guinness World Record for Most Number of People Performing Simultaneous Full Body Burns. In 30 seconds we lit 21 people on fire to raise $10,000 for charity. Now, you’re probably wondering what self-induced body burns and World Records has to do with print and promotional materials, and the honest answer is nothing.   It does, however, have something to do with leaving an impact and making a statement. We brought our hometown of Cleveland, OH together to Unite + Ignite for a cause and in the process, Hotcards rose from the ashes as a brand that was doing things differently.   In the days following the Hotcards Burn, it was making international headlines. People weren’t talking about Hotcards’ services or ordering thousands of business cards from our online store, but rather, they were talking about what an untraditional brand it must take to do something this outrageous, just because. For […]

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Printing 02.02.2018

    How Do We Act When No One is Looking?   Picture the bed where you sleep. Imagine it messy — the covers in a big clump, the sheets everywhere, nothing tucked in. If someone walked into the room, he or she would immediately notice your bed wasn’t made.   Now image it with all four corners tucked in, the pillows arranged perfectly on top, nothing out of place.   No one would notice your bed at all.   In the same way, customers don’t notice when problems are staved off, or when a company’s culture is working well behind the scenes. We’re all quick, though, to notice when customer service goes awry. Lack of culture sticks out like a sore thumb.   We point to this truth at Hotcards, and we encourage organizations that rely on us for print, marketing and promotional materials to embody the same truth: Culture is how people behave when no one is looking. […]


Printing 01.22.2018
Promo Products: Items Are Not Ideas

Promo Products: Items Are Not Ideas One of our team members flew to Las Vegas last week to attend the PPAI Expo, the largest promotional products show in the country. The point was to return with gobs and gobs of poker money. It was also to bring back new promotional ideas, useful tips and cool product trends that can help your team grow. (OK, we’re still jetlagged. We reversed the priority.) It’s a safe bet that Hotcards is ridiculously excited about now offering promotional products and apparel online. Already, these items are helping our clients in three main ways — they’re the same benefits your team can expect: Boosting brand exposure and helping organizations Become Known™ (logoed items handed out or tied to events) Recognizing and motivating employees (items tied to reward/incentive programs that boost engagement and morale) Thanking customers for their business (items mailed or presented to show gratitude) We returned from Vegas with clarity, which isn’t always the […]

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2 Marketing Moves to Kick-Start 2018

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series about shaping your 2018 marketing plan.   The Hotcards team is (almost) ready to quit tossing food into our collective pie holes, but we’re not ready to stop thinking about food, so here’s a morsel of truth: Marketing is a main ingredient of a health company. A dash of it, and your company can be ripe with new customers and growing sales in 2018. A lack of it, and competitors might have you for dinner.   But (gulp) until marketing campaigns can be bought at the corner grocery store (try Aisle 7, next to the cans of time management), you need sound strategies to boost your brand. Tactics that don’t take into account your goals and culture end up being the pits.   Get to Know You   Marketing isn’t about tooting your own horn, but before you look for a new list of prospective clients in 2018, it’s important to analyze […]

What Word Best Described Your 2017?

Printing 12.27.2017

A large, colorful mural of Steve Jobs’ head adorns the main wall here at Hotcards. To clients, it’s a cool image that depicts our innovation. To us, it’s a reminder to never settle in life — to do what you love, and to love what you do, every day. As Jobs said, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” Those are inspiring words. At Hotcards, what we love is helping others achieve what they never dreamed possible — to empower you to “become known” in creative, effective ways. Sure, we sell printing and promotional items, but those products are actually byproducts of something greater — the passionate pursuits of small-business owners, musicians, politicians, artists and many others. Each pursuit is sparked by passion and energy, guided by spirit and goals. Hotcards is the fuel. During this holiday week, […]


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As a marketing pro, you’re responsible for raising eyebrows and response rates — impressing both your clients with ideas, and your boss with results. To that end, you need promotional items that make sense, and also lead to dollars and cents. With the right approach and strategy, promo items can help boost your brand as well your revenue. The first thing you should know: Don’t let your head go in circles like a child’s fidget spinner. Don’t begin with the truth that you have tens of thousands of product options. That’s like looking at the night sky and soaking in every constellation. Might be fun, but let’s begin with one — one North Star brand concept you need the product to convey. Let’s say you manage the marketing team at a regional bank, and you have an upcoming open house to celebrate a new location. Your company’s logo can appear on practically anything, so the event’s promotional success isn’t about […]

Your Logo Ever Look Blah?

Printing 12.12.2017
Your Logo Ever Look Blah?

Your Logo Ever Look Blah? As a marketing team, you excitedly put your heads together to create logos, corporate color guidelines and other elements to boost and reinforce your organization’s identity. But too often, you’re left scratching your head when those things appear differently on various printed and promotional materials. Come on, this is almost 2018! Brand consistency problems should never happen. We can help you make sure they don’t. Let’s say you’re a plant nursery (fun!) and your logo features a vibrant image of an evergreen tree. You understand the importance of maintaining brand consistency online and offline, so you want that logo to represent your company correctly no matter where it appears: Business cards and stationery Digitally printed postcards Wall graphics printed on vinyl Website Email messages 4-color brochures Golf shirts and balloons for your next corporate event Posters printed on recycled paper Without the guidance of a seasoned print partner, different papers and materials (called “substrates”) and […]


Networking 12.03.2015
5 Tips for Becoming a Better Networker

Networking is a huge part of being successful in business. With so much competition and the internet making everything so readily available, you really need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. While some of us truly enjoy these interactions and find them effortless, it’s more of a struggle for others. Keep these tips in mind to help get you through your next networking opportunity. Keep in mind that every interaction is a chance to network. You don’t have to be at a formal networking event to make connections with like-minded folks. Strike up a conversation at a summer BBQ, in the line at the grocery store, at a party, etc. Having genuine conversations with people where you each share your passions can open up all kinds of doors. Don’t go straight into career discussions in these scenarios, instead try and actually learn a little more about the people you are talking to. This will make you more […]


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How to Effectively Use Business Cards

While you may think that business cards are going by the wayside, only to be replaced by phone contacts and emails, that’s not the case for several reasons. A business card is a very valuable networking tool and you shouldn’t retire yours just yet. The next time you’re at a networking event, or even run into someone you’d like to connect with in line for coffee, you don’t necessarily want to pull out your phone in the middle of a conversation. Instead, hand over your business card and continue your discussion. Here are a few ways to use your business cards effectively. Modernize them. Business cards can now include more than just your name, phone number, company and email. Include your website if you have one, as well as a link to your LinkedIn page. If you really want to make a statement, try an unconventional approach, like custom Hotcards. Hotcards let your imagination run wild. Create a car-shaped business […]


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If you’re in the music industry you know the power and importance of promotion. No event is too big or too small to spread the word as much as possible. Whether you are promoting a new album or hosting an upcoming concert or show, make sure you have the printed resources to make your promotion a success. Event Promotion Tickets: Custom event tickets put your venue or performing artist at the forefront of your event. Get guests excited about your upcoming event with high-quality tickets. Flyers: Create eye-catching custom flyers that show where and when to buy tickets, concert dates/times, and a phone number for additional information. Posters: Posters are a way to show the information included in your flyers – but in a bigger and more noticeable way. Use custom posters to advertise your show, tour dates, ticket stops and more, as well as to feature the band or singer that will be performing. According to concert hosting and […]